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Bunder is a communication platform that helps entrepreneurs, managers, investors and other users build meaningful connections and expand their social circle. By connecting everyone in a gamified maneer, Bunder helps diverse individuals build a community of like-minded networkers.

Trust and respect are at the heart of any meaningful community, and your well-being is our highest priority. We believe that safety is a shared responsibility, and everyone plays an important role in keeping the Bunder community safe.

We strongly encourage all users to report any inappropriate contacts, content, or breaches of Bunder's services.

As part of the Bunder community, keep the following in mind:

Keep communication constructive.

Communication should be appropriate for recipients of all age levels and constructive in nature, so we encourage you to carefully consider all message content before sending.

Messages on Bunder can't be edited or deleted, and everyone can download a complete record of announcements they send as well as conversations they participate in.

Make sure your participant list is current and accurate.

To make sure you're connecting to the people you intend to connect, check your world list frequently and remove anyone who shouldn't be in your world.

Anyone who has access to your world can request information on the members of your world or a complete merge with you, so be careful about choosing the people to engage with it on social media or other public platforms.

Connect with people you know.

Before you merge worlds or accept an invitation, take a second to make sure you recognize the requestee. If you merge worlds by mistake, you cannot leave at any time.

Get permission from people before arranging any interactions with them.

Only arrange interactions with people in Bunder if you have their permission to do so. We recommend letting them know ahead of time how you plan to use Bunder so they feel comfortable about your actions.

Send useful, relevant messages.

While every community is different, each action you make should be valuable for your participants. Listen to feedback from your peers about the relevance, frequency, and accuracy of your responses. If you find that your messages are important for only a specific person, consider creating a private conversation with them.

To help keep our community safe, avoid the following:


Don't use words and phrases that you wouldn't say over in public. Keep it clean. Bunder is first and foremost a tool for mutually beneficial networking.

Nudity or sexually suggestive content of any kind.

There's no place for sexually suggestive or explicit content on Bunder, including nudity of any kind. If we find that your messages include this content, your account will be deleted. We're also legally required to report any images of minors to the appropriate law enforcement agencies, no matter the intent.

Harassment, bullying, and gossip.

Messages meant to harass, bully, or speak maliciously about other people are unacceptable. You can report anyone who sends messages of this nature.

Pretending to be someone else.

Use your real name and select the accurate role. Misrepresenting yourself or impersonating other people is not allowed in Bunder.

Setting up interactions or sharing contacts with people without permission.

It's important to get permission from participants before sharing their contacts in Bunder. If we find that you're adding people who don't want to be added, your account may be deleted.

Spamming participants.

Consider the frequency and content of your requests/posts. Bunder prohibits sending messages with irrelevant content. If we detect behavior that resembles spamming, your account may be deleted.

Threatening harm to yourself or others.

Any messages meant to threaten harm to yourself or others goes against our priority to keep our community safe.. If someone is sending violent threats, please report that person to Bunder Support team and avoid responding.

Uses outside the networking space.

Communication in Bunder should be used to support growth, and features are intended for networking uses only. Bunder should not be used for personal profit or commercial purposes outside of in-built tokenised system.

Messages in Bunder may be occasionally monitored for these guidelines, and accounts with inappropriate content may be deactivated, closed, or reported to the appropriate law enforcement agencies. Please take time to review our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy as well—and if you have any questions, send an email or a message to our Support team.

Thanks for working with us to keep the Bunder community safe and supportive! The Bunder Team